Friday, October 16, 2009

Metal Detecting in Puerto Rico

I begun metal detecting since 1991 when I bought my first metal detector CXII Grand master hunter. I begun making research since 1985, after that the fun came into my life with a new experience that I will never forget. Puerto Rico has many beaches to detect with restriction by any authorities. All beaches are public and open. because is a island you have so many beaches to select which one you want detect today but beaches are not the only places to detect. Puerto Rico has many other spot with old spanish ruins that you can detect, only you have to ask for permission if you go to some private property. Here is a list of one of the hottest beaches in San Juan to metal detecting.In these beaches I used to find minimum an a daily basic in coins $20.00 to $40.00. Because the Puerto Rican likes to wear gold and silver all time, even when they go to the beach, it's almost sure you find some gold wedding band, gold chain or some silver. In Ocean park is one of my favorite beaches to detect. It's located in San Juan close to Condado.In this beach there is a guy that use to snorkling every morning to search for lost watch on the water just to 6 feet depth. I saw when one day he found 4 casio underwater. This is the list: (all them in San Juan)
1. Ocean park- Pro; many coins and gold in the water to find. Cont; no public parking because is a neighborhood.If you find one, you're lucky!
2. Condado- Pro; coins, gold, silver to find, hotels around. Cont; pay parking, small beach.
3. Isla verde- Pro; long beach to walk. Cont; water is not clear at all, watch for delinquent.
4. Old San Juan beach(front the capitol). Pro; chance to find relic and old spanish coins.Also there is an old abandoned spanish fort. Cont; The problem with this beach is used by elements for homosexual activities.

Beaches outside San Juan;

1. Vega baja beach.Located in vega baja. Public beach managed by the local government.
2. Isabela beaches. This beach is used for surfer, maybe you have chance to find gold.
3. Crash boat, Aguadilla. Public beach
4. Añasco beach, Añasco. Public beach
5. Cabo Rojo's beaches; Buye, Boqueron beach (good for water detecting but lots of mosquitos), Combate beach(in summer time you can find here easily more than $20 in coins x couple hr.
6. Guanica's beaches; Playa Santa (there is two local treasure hunter detecting all time), Las ballenas(whales).
7. Ponce's beaches
8. Humacao's beaches; Palmas del Mar; this is a good resort with nice beach.
9. Fajardo; Seven Sea. This is a public beach good for detecting. I used to detect here with good oportunities to find old coins if you keep walking for the beach heading toward west side.
10. Luquillo. luquillo balneario. This is a Puerto Rico's best beach destination for turists and coin detecting. "La Pared beach" it's right in center of the town. Many surfer here loss theirs jewlery,rings,watch,etc.
Tips; In Puerto Rico you can feel confortable detecting because there is no extreme rules against treasure hunter. Only there is two US National Park that you don't want go there, "El Yunke" and "El Morro" and all Spanish fort located in old San Juan. They belong to the US National Park.

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