Friday, October 16, 2009

Cabo Rojo; Pirates stories and coin to find

Cabo Rojo is a small town located on the southwest of Puerto Rico. it's rich in history about Pirates and buried treasure.The people are quite charm and there is a good village water front called "Boqueron" where you can find local sea food restaurant,souvenirs and more.

This village abound many tourist from many countries such Europe, Asia and US. The Villager lives of fishing, scuba diving charters and the sell of souvenirs. Pretty close from here there is a ruins of what it was in the past the Cofresi’s birth places. Cofresi was one of the most notorious pirates during the 19th century. When we talk about Puerto Rico’s pirates, quickly we have to make reference of Cofresi because he was a sort of ‘terrorist’ during the years 1819 to 1825.

The Cabo Rojo’s folklore tells many time that Cofresi assaulted and sized vessels offshore taking with him and his crew all treasure found on board and bury it, maybe in this village or nearby. There is stories about his treasures where he buried chests full of Spanish doubloons.Also people tell about citizen finding those treasure on that area of Cabo Rojo.

The last time I detected there,it was in 2002, when a I found many currency. because I spent more time video shooting rather than detecting,only I detected in one
famous beach,"Combate"( in english means'combat').This beach is located right in the end-south of Cabo Rojo.Many people use to go there in Summer time.Also there is other beach close to the lighthouse called "playa sucia" where people use to go every weekend. Around that beach you can see some cliff with grotto and tiny caves where can be used by Cofresi as hideout.

If you planning to detect in Puerto Rico,don't forget to visit cabo Rojo for your next adventure.

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