Friday, October 16, 2009

Block island pirates stories

Block island is a small Island located among Rhode island, Long Island and Massachusett in the Atlantic Ocean and is separated from the mainland by Block Island Sound.

If we going to talk about treasure hunting in this island and local stories about Pirates, we could say that Block island is a sort of Treasure Island located in New England waters.

Michael Paul Henson in his book "America's Lost Treasure", he wrote some stories about Pirates in Block Island,

"Block Island is popularly believed to be one of the hiding places of Captain Kidd's treasure as well as other pirates' treasure. the island has been gone over many times by enterprising treasure seekers, asn it is tild that some booty has been found. In 1689, Frensh privateers captured Block island and made it a base for their operations on the Atlantic Coast. Some of the many treasure tales which still keep searchers busy along the island's cost are connected whith these provateers.(page 101)

"While Block island is known to have been a pirate hangout in the early days, what is not generally known, is on what part of the island Joseph Bradish buried his inmense treasure. I have an old book that state; "we buried ye money and ye jewels on the south point of ye island to the leeward." This statement was supposedly made by Bradish himself. This information narrows the search area for an interested treasure hunter"(page 175).

so, what are you waiting for?

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