Monday, January 24, 2011

Shallow water detecting in Puerto Rico

Hi fellows

I'm looking for a partner to work together in an underwater adventure. I need a partner to metal detecting in shallow water using a Hookah system to find gold and silver. Puerto Rico's waters there is plenty of personal items like gold rings, medallions, gold chains and other waiting to be found for some treasure hunter but those treasures lay in some depth where nobody with scuba tanks or hookah system can reach it.Also treasure hunters are few in that island. The right candidate should have the followings requirements:

1. Live in Puerto Rico.
2. Own a reliable transportation.
3. Own underwater metal detector
4. Positive attitude.
5. Time to consume.
6. Able and willing to follow a detecting plan including move from beach to beach.
7. No children in the hunt.
8. Up to 55 years old.
9. Good health condition.
10. To own basic scuba diving equipment.
11. Skin diving experience.

I will provide:

1. Hookah system.
2. List of place to detect.
3. Gas for the hookah.
4. Share transportation expenses.
5. Meal and water
6. Finder keeper rule (all you can find is your)

If you're interested and qualified with all above requirements, please send me an PM or E-mail. Date will be available as soon I find a partner and set it up all.



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